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06 February 2013

The Legal Department

The Legal Department falls under the Project Coordination Unit (PCU) and is a service department to all units namely -

  1. The Privatization Unit (PU);
  2. The Project Coordination Unit (PCU); and
  3. The Parastatal Monitoring Unit (PMU).

The Department is comprised of a Team of 5 Advocates of the High Court, namely -

  1. Moses B. Mwase - Head Legal Services
  2. Joselynn I. Ategeka (Ms.) - Legal Counsel
  3. Martha I. Achan Kyarimpa (Mrs.) - Legal Counsel
  4. Bernard Oundo - Legal Counsel
  5. Lillian B. Thenge - Legal Counsel

The Legal Department first received its first Certificate of Approval of Chambers in 2009, when it joined the list of recognized Law Firms authorized to offer Legal Services by the Law Council.

The broad terms of reference require the Legal Department to -

  • Provide legal advisory services to the PU, PCU, PMU and all support Departments;
  • Handle legal disputes arising from and related to divestiture transactions;
  • Attend court proceedings and represent the Privatization Unit in legal disputes related to privatization transactions;
  • Interface with the Solicitor General and private law firms with respect to the various civil suits where the Privatization Unit is represented or has interests;
  • Negotiate, prepare and review contracts;
  • Handle legal and investigative due diligence processes;
  • Provide support to the Divestiture & Reform Implementation Committee;
  • Prepare legislation and statutory instruments necessary to support the privatization process;
  • Supervise and support consultants;
  • Advise on the divestiture process of public enterprises;
  • Handle and advise on post-divestiture issues affecting public enterprises.