27 November 2012

The Procurement Department

Our Role:

The Procurement Department at PU is mainly responsible for the planning and execution of all procurement and disposal requirements for the Project. This is done in accordance with the PPDA Act, Regulations and Guidelines as well as any other relevant international guidelines relevant to the requirements.

In addition, the Procurement Department offers advisory services to the other departments of the project, specifically those that handle PPP Projects and other privatization or divesture activities.

Our overall objective is to ensure that the PUSRP achieves value for money through its different activities and especially for its expenditure through any procurement or disposal.

Our Structure:

In order to serve efficiently and effectively, the Procurement Department is set up with a Senior Procurement Officer, two Procurement Officers and a Records Assistant. Each member of the Unit has diverse skills that build the competence and capabilities of the department.

Our services:

  • We coordinate all the planning for procurement and disposal related activities for the Project
  • We maintain and manage all records relating to procurements, disposals and activities of the Contracts Committee.
  • We serve as the liaison between the PUSRP and the Procurement Authority (PPDA) on policy and regulatory matters.
  • We offer support to all other departments regarding contract and supplier performance management. Furthermore, we create and supervise contract management systems, for User Departments, for better implementation of the contracts.
  • We offer advisory services to the Management Committee on procurement and disposal matters.
  • We design and monitor the implementation of guidelines and frameworks for bid evaluation during the technical and financial evaluation. We also design and monitor the implementation of negotiations criteria to ensure the most appropriate results and contract terms.
  • We coordinate the receipt of goods by the User Departments to ensure their satisfaction and value for money.

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